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Let’s Talk! Innential is Conducting Research on Employee Development

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Photo by Pavan Trikutam / Unsplash

It is undeniable that employee development is a key component to low turnover and motivated employees, as well as creativity, innovation, and overall company success. But new research is showing that there is often a gap between the large sums companies put towards employee development and actual results. Conversely, younger companies are increasingly exploring new approaches to training in the workplace, focusing on innovation and embracing cutting-edge methods focused on redefining how we work together. All of this begs the question: what does successful employee development look like, and are we seeing a shift in how companies invest in their workers? In order to answer these questions, Innential is conducting research and interviewing HR professionals on the state of employee development, current trends, compelling approaches and best practices. Our findings will help us identify whether there is a substantial difference in how companies approach employee development today and how this correlates to company growth.

If you or someone in your company is interested in answering a few questions by phone, simply contact us at info@innential.com. No names of companies or employees will be published in this research. Your feedback will help us gain invaluable insight into how companies can best support and empower their employees.