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Innential presents insights on People Analytics at "Tag der Impulse 2020" in Jena


Courage, attitude, leadership: this was the topic of "The Day of Impulses", that took place on March 12, 2020 in Jena, Germany, organized by our partner, the Avance Academy. Kris Gunciarz, Founder at Innential was a keynote speaker and offered insights into the world of people analytics as well as data-driven tools for digital learning. In his talk he showed what artificial intelligence platforms can be used for in terms of employee skill assessments and personalized learning experiences.

Kris explained how companies are using Learning Platforms such as Innential to better engage their employees and support team leaders to align personal development with business goals.
He made clear how an "management of uncertainty" can be done using intelligent tools to help people make better decisions for strategic business and pople development in a remote learning and development environments.

Big thanks to Avance Academy CEO, Founder and Angel Investor Thibault Heck who also pointed out in his speech how important it is to have the courage to explore new fields of collaboration and working. He was very right that it always burns down to one thing in a company: the people!
Do people have the right to perform at their best?

Get an insight into the day by following the video link here:
*Download Kris' lecture on "People Analytics" here